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[Image] How color blind people see the Inspector

Repost of my "Color blindness testing" email:


This weekend I learned about Sim Daltonism (https://michelf.ca/projects/sim-daltonism/) (from Bug 151544), a color blindness simulator for Mac OS X. As I’m obsessed with everything colors, I installed it and tested Web Inspector.

We did pretty well, with a few notes in the Timelines: [see the attachment].

Seems like we’re doing okay with a few exceptions:
— Short layout and paint bars are hard do distinguish
— Red record button probably needs some title

Q: Why should we care?

It seems like color blindness isn’t that rare:
                        Males    Females
Dichromacy                    2.4%    0.03%
Protanopia (red deficient: L cone absent)    1.3%    0.02%
Deuteranopia (green deficient: M cone absent)    1.2%    0.01%
Tritanopia (blue deficient: S cone absent)    0.001%    0.03%
Anomalous Trichromacy                6.3%    0.37%
Protanomaly (red deficient: L cone defect)    1.3%    0.02%
Deuteranomaly (green deficient: M cone defect)    5.0%    0.35%
Tritanomaly (blue deficient: S cone defect)    0.0001%    0.0001%


As I learned today, blue cones deficiency is very rare.


Q: How can we improve?

The most common advice I hear is to avoid using green and red. I find this to be very bad advice.


As you can see, the left color is easily distinguished from the right color by people with color blindness.

Only green and red with similar luminance can’t be distinguished.

A better advice would be to just test with a simulator (e.g. Sim Daltonism).

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