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--- Comment #16 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> Thank you Andres!

Yes, thank you!

> I don't think more time in the unstable series would have helped; we had two
> users report this was broken in unstable, so clearly there was enough time
> in unstable.
> Carlos, I think a different merge strategy might have helped in this case
> indeed. I would never have guessed "[GLIB] Implement garbage collector
> timers" would have introduced a bug, but when I was looking at the backports
> a few days ago I noted this one in particular and was confused why it was
> selected, since it's a large amount of code not fixing any particular issue,
> even though it looked probably harmless.

I also had doubts when I merged it, but I remembered that right after landing this in trunk the perf bot stopped crashing, and I also considered this harmless enough to merge it, just in case it fixed anything and assuming it didn't break anything. And I was wrong, but again, I would do it again. It's not that I merged this without even thinking about it, I did, and I ran the tests, but unfortunately it broke a single website.

> I would have avoided the RenderThemeGtk/ScrollbarThemeGtk changes (probably
> harmless, but huge code changes with no benefit to users),

Well, if being able to render forms with GTK+ 2.20 doesn't benefit the users...

> the recent
> XSSAuditor changes (pushed quite recently, would have held off at least
> until 2.10.6), 

Security fixes, no, those are high priority for me. That would work I had time to make stable releases every 2 or 3 weeks, but that's not the case, so security fixes always go in.

> Martin's hyphenation fix (probably harmless, but enabling a
> new feature that we've never supported before),

Exactly because we released 2.10 claiming a feature that doesn't work, we should definitely fix it.

> the MIPS fixes and OS X
> build fixes (just to have fewer commits in stable)....

I guess MIPS and OSX users won't agree with you here either.

> Still, this is art and not science, the only way to avoid regressions is to
> not backport anything. Thank you for the hard work on the stable release; I
> am excited in particular for the scrollbar fix!

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