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> font-size-adjust: auto;  // cue to renderer to use its pre-generated 
> conversion table if available

'auto' value is no longer part of the spec

> Some pre-calculated values are listed at
> http://www.fonttester.com/help/css_property/font-size-adjust.html

That webpage is no longer reachable.

Stated aspect values versus Measured aspect values for several fonts

x-height, font aspect value, font-size-adjust (requires javascript support)
by Bruno Fassino

Display installed fonts, compute aspect value (requires Flash support and javascript support)
by Bruno Fassino

Compute the ‘normal line-height’ and the ‘aspect value’ of the installed fonts (requires Flash support and javascript support)
by Bruno Fassino

WebspaceWorks Resources In Fonts and Web Typography Tools: 
Aspect values, x-widths for fonts
by RS-Tech Webspace Works

font-size-adjust value finder (requires javascript support)
by Jan Bobrowski
This page calculates aspect ratio of various common fonts. It employs JavaScript and <canvas> to measure proportion 'x' letter height to the em box (x-height in ems).

Estimating the x-height of a font (requires javascript support)
by Jukka “Yucca” Korpela
This page will return thousandth precision of aspect value.

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font-size-adjust tests submitted in CSS3 Fonts test suite

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