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--- Comment #11 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> wordBreakIterator seems to be pretty smart actually: not breaking on every
> punctuation mark seems to make sense in some languages as the punctuation
> marks can be considered part of the word itself (kind of as a word
> construction mechanism).

It doesn't seem smart to me, if it's not actually able to detect word breaks properly. A punctuation mark might occur inside a word in some languages, but if it's followed by a space, then surely it is always a word break character? I haven't looked at this closely, but I suspect we are somehow misusing the ICU API, as I'd like to think it's smart enough to handle this. At least, detecting word breaks properly is a standard feature of GtkTextIter, so I would expect ICU to be able to do it as well. If we can't figure it out, might need to look at what GtkTextIter is doing.

> That being said, this creates bugs when checking the spelling of sentences
> with a poor syntax (like ones with no space after a period or a colon), but
> this is a spell checking bug, not a word breaking one.

In that case, I would expect the spellchecker to flag the word foo.bar as misspelled.

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