[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135379] iOS 8 / OSX 10.10 WebGL - using a video from an other domain fails (CORS bug)

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Fri Feb 12 18:09:14 PST 2016


--- Comment #42 from Daniel Rossi <electroteque at gmail.com> ---
I will take this up with Apple because this has gone on for too long. This should take priority.

This flaw has been an issue for years and years. 

Only that people now are only realising it, working with webgl. It was reported in July 2014 and nobody is even assigned to it that just shows contempt. 

It is only just going to keep getting duped now.  

I'm not treating this issue as a forum its serious. 

Again this should be an embarrassment for Apple because it completely disables VR. 

If there is a fix I would be happy to test it, I am closely monitoring this.

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