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--- Comment #39 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
OK, I've been debugging this and I know what the problem is. In the case of the test case saved by Carlos Lopez, we have a layer of size 12000079x525, which is huge. The tiled backing store (TextureMapperTiledBackingStore) creates tile for the whole layer bounds, which means ~6000 tiles of 2000x525. If I'm understanding the code correctly, the tiled backing store is not taking into account the visible area at all. This is a problem for huge layers, but even for the case of smaller layers, we might be wasting the memory and cpu computing tiles that are offscreen. So, I think the tiled backing store should build a coverage area based on the visible size, and create tiles only for that area. I've noticed that texmap/coordinated/TiledBackingStore does that, so I wonder if we could somehow reuse the code or have a common tile manager that could be used by both backing stores. I'm not a graphics expert, so I hope that someone with more experience could help here now that we know what the p

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