[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 153093] [GTK][Mac] MiniBrowser Segfault on startup

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--- Comment #18 from Ethan Sherriff <ethansherriff at hotmail.co.uk> ---
Sorry for my late response, 2.11.4 didn't work, I'm getting the following run-time error:

It seems to be due to the removal of Source/WTF/wtf/glib/GMainLoopSource.* in bug 151633. I don't think this affects versions 2.11.2 or below. I suspect somewhere in WebKit2 or in one of its convenience libraries parts of GMainLoopSource are still being used. It surprises me that MacPorts will work, but yet a source build with a similar environment, the same source code, and almost the same CMake invocation will not. I will try a 2.10.7 build with the fix for bug 151293 applied. Thank you for your help.

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