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--- Comment #5 from Devin Rousso <dcrousso+webkit at gmail.com> ---
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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > Users should only be able to edit local (file:///) JavaScript resources. I
> > don't think we've ever been able to edit arbitrary JavaScript resources.
> I think we should change that. Most decently sized websites aren't developed
> using file scheme. Of the top of my head, there are two common use cases:
> 1. Local development server running on http://localhost:1234 or
> http://myapp.dev.
> 2. Remote development server with locally mounted partition (via SSHFS).

I agree that local development could benefit from this, but what would editing the resource do (will the new code written ever be executable)?  How about editing a non-local resource?  How do we even distinguish whether the resource is local?

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