[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 160860] backface-visibility style not applied when printing

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--- Comment #6 from Nathan Perkins <nathan at maxmo.net> ---
I tried to address the feedback form smfr, and have reworked the approach:

* The backface visibility check is only assessed when the flatten compositing layers flag is set for the paint behavior.
* The approach recalculates the accumulated transform matrix, which can be relatively slow, but this should only effect printing and snapshotting. I am not fully confident that this approach covers all scenarios. There may be other details that should cause the accumulation to stop when it reaches an element that fully determines the 3D rendering context.

In addition, I have added a test case in the printing folder based off some of the other backface visibility tests.

PS: A slightly more clever approach occurred to me and may be worthwhile. Using the GraphicsContext CTM combined with the current elements affine transform, it is possible to assess whether or not the element is being flipped. That being said, it is less obvious what such an implementation is doing and there may be platform specific details to the graphics context that make such an approach less functional.

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