[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 160808] FocusController multiple dereferenced NULL pointers

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Fri Aug 12 13:07:35 PDT 2016


--- Comment #4 from Jonathan Bedard <jbedard at apple.com> ---
Here are the two places where the behavior has been observed:

.../FocusController.cpp:672:80: runtime error: reference binding to null pointer of type 'WebCore::KeyboardEvent'
.../FocusController.cpp:586:53: runtime error: reference binding to null pointer of type 'WebCore::KeyboardEvent'

The motivation for this change is that while we check if the Elements are NULL, we basically never do so for the KeyBoardEvents.  Even just a quick overview will show that lines 507, 509, 520, 543, 558, 564, 647, 694, 952 and 704 all have this same problem (note that those line numbers are in the unedited version).  It is true that the Elements are already checked, I thought that the static functions should either both be references or both be pointers, which is why I switched Element references to pointers as well.

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