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--- Comment #8 from Andres Gomez Garcia <agomez at igalia.com> ---
I'm using WebKitGtk+ with my own JHBuild setting:

Epiphany 3.20.3 and WebKit 2.13.4 with this patch applied.

I'm running Epiphany with the dconf key:

"process-model" = "shared-secondary-process"

The compilation was done with CMake args:



My saved session has several windows with several tabs each.

Upon re-starting the epiphany, the whole desktop freezes after the appearing of the first(s) window(s)

Slowly, it starts go show that it is not completely frozen but gets excruciatingly slow.

The new Epiphany windows keep popping one by one veeeery slowly. The whole process takes minutes.

After, seemingly, all the windows have been created, the desktop doesn't recover its normal speed, it still moves almost as if it would be frozen.

Finally, I decided to use GDB.

Attaching GDB to Epiphany and the NetworkProcess was OK.

Attaching GDB to the WebProcess froze my whole desktop. There was not recovery after this, only rebooting after waiting for several minutes.

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