[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 156774] AX: SVG images are not exposed in the AX api

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--- Comment #17 from chris fleizach <cfleizach at apple.com> ---
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> Hi Nan,
> To add to what Joanie said. All shapes are not semantically important. When
> an author believes a shape is important then they can put a property or
> child title/desc which will get the shape included in the accessibility tree
> and hopefully provides a useful name for the user. 
> When we create charts, I would not want the neat lines, borders and
> backgrounds announced to the user simply because they are created from
> shapes. The key idea is to allow the author explicit control of what gets
> into the accessibility tree.
> Fred

I think in this case we're talking about someone adding an aria-label/aria-labelledby to a svg root and there's no other accessible children. in that case it seems like we should expose that element right? the author probably wanted to expose something to the user

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