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--- Comment #14 from Nan Wang <n_wang at apple.com> ---
Fred and Joanmarie,

I think both of you are right about the specs, that there's no rules saying we should expose a shape based on the parent's attribute.

However, the reason we are excluding shapes from the spec is that:
"Many SVG elements—although rendered to the screen—do not have an intrinsic semantic meaning. Instead, they represent components of the visual presentation of the document. To simplify the accessible representation of the document, these purely presentational elements would normally be omitted from the accessibility tree, unless the author explicitly provides semantic content."

To my understanding, when author provides some semantic content on the svg root parent, he's intention is to make the entire group accessible, otherwise he should just label the individual children. Maybe to make my scenario more reasonable, I think we can say when the svg parent has a semantic description and there's no other accessible children in it, we should expose the shape.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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