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> This is an FYI bug. I gave a quick pass to try to build JavaScriptCore (I
> don't need all of WebKit, but I think all of WebKit has the same problem)
> with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. It doesn't compile.
> So the biggest "problem" I see is that Microsoft finally fixed their broken
> compiler to support a bunch of C99 things they have dragged their feet on
> for a decade. So things like snprintf I think finally exist. But the problem
> is that there are a lot of workarounds to redefine this missing functions
> for Visual Studio which result in duplicate definitions now and break the
> compile.
> I think the solution is to start looking for the #if _MSC_VER cases and
> explicitly compare for < 1900 when it looks like it is a C/C++
> language/standard-library workaround for Visual Studio.

Well! This is good and bad news. Let's try to get those changes started. I can get our Windows builders updated to Update 2 and see what happens

Do you intend to post any patches for this?

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