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--- Comment #7 from Michael <michael at roessner.us> ---
The .de NIC (denic.de) will implement IDNA2008 from 2010-11-16 onwards,
especially allowing for ß (\u00df) in domain names. Hence, the automatic
translation of ß to ss may result in looking up the wrong domain name, allowing
for spoofing attacks.
(DENIC will run a sunrise period (2010-10-26 to 2010-11-15) during which
holders of domains with ss will be allowed top register the respective ß domain
in advance.)


ß and ss are not exchangable in German. ss instead of ß is just a makeshift. Germans expect ß to usually just work if
umlauts work (which already do for a while).

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start Safari on OS X Mountain Lion or on iOS (the same on El Capitan and iOS 9.x)
2. Open the domain "http://www.heß.de" (a family name).

Expected Results:
Safari will change the "ß" character to "ss" and open "http://www.hess.de" which is a completely different family name (last name). For example: "Michael Heß" and "Peter Hess".

FireFox Nightly Version 46.0a1 (and newer) did it now correct.

Here are some informations:

And the FireFox Bug Thread for this issue:

You can check the following Websites in FireFox Nightly Version 46.0a1 (2016-01-24) to understand:


(is linked to www.roessner.de because it's the same owner, but it's also a separate name in Germany).


For example:
Bill Roessner
Jack Rössner
Mike Rößner

The browsers do it right with "roessner" and "rössner" and separate it because these are different names.

Now, it's time to do it also right with the "ß" character.

For now i have to use the URL in Safari:


if i want to go to:


thanks & kind regards


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