[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 156148] [GTK] Since the SVG -> OTF Font Converter was enabled, some SVG layout tests are failing.

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> Does GTK's text shaping engine support the 'kern' table if it exists?

The documentation says this:

Note that OpenType fonts (OTF) provide two distinct mechanisms for kerning, using the ‘kern’ and ‘GPOS’ tables, respectively, which are part of the OTF files. Older fonts only contain the former, while recent fonts contain both tables or even ‘GPOS’ data only. FreeType only supports kerning via the (rather simple) ‘kern’ table. For the interpretation of kerning data in the (highly sophisticated) ‘GPOS’ table you need a higher-level library like ICU or HarfBuzz since it can be context dependent (this is, the kerning may vary depending on the position within a text string, for example).
""" http://www.freetype.org/freetype2/docs/glyphs/glyphs-4.html

And I see that there are two standards or versions for the 'kern' table:

Apple has extended the definition of the 'kern' table to provide additional functionality. The Apple extensions are not supported on Windows. Fonts intended for cross-platform use or for the Windows platform in general should conform to the 'kern' table format specified here.
""" https://www.microsoft.com/typography/otspec/kern.htm

I guess that you are using the Apple dialect for the 'kern' table in the OTF font generated???

How can I save the OTF font that is generated from the SVG one <LayoutTests/svg/custom/resources/SVGFreeSans.svg> to a file??? That way I can try to check what freetype's ftvalid/ftdump commands says about it.

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