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> Created attachment 275457 [details]
> Reproducible test case
> Steps to repro:
> 1. Create a Blob
> 2. Create an object URL
> 3. Append a query param
> 4. Fetch it
> Expected:
> The Blob should be fetched normally, regardless of whether or not there are
> query params.

This is not actually a forgone conclusion.

There's a relevant spec here - https://www.w3.org/TR/FileAPI/#DefinitionOfScheme - that defines what a valid blob url is.

A blob URL *MUST* consist of:
- The blob: scheme
- String representing the origin of the blob
- The character "/"
- String that is a UUID.

A blob URL *MAY* consist of:
- An optional fragment identifier

The language here is very short. If it's not in a "must" or a "may" section, one can extrapolate that it's a "must not".

> There's no 404 in Firefox, but there is in Chrome.

It seems like Firefox might get this wrong.

> FWIW Edge throws an "Invalid argument" exception if you append a query string to a blob URL.

It seems like Edge gets this "the most right"

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