[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 149510] accessibility/mac/aria-expanded-notifications.html is flaky

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Wed Sep 30 23:13:41 PDT 2015


--- Comment #12 from Myles C. Maxfield <mmaxfield at apple.com> ---
The problem is triggered by our resumable parser.

            if (elapsedTime > m_parserTimeLimit)
                session.needsYield = true;

AXLoadComplete gets called synchronously from DocumentLoader::finishedLoading(). This means that the order of the AXLoadComplete message isn't FIFO:

If the parser yielded previously, the AXLoadComplete will be handled after some AX messages had been handled. If the parser hadn't yielded, the AXLoadComplete will be the first message processed (no matter what had been queued up before it).

I assume that making AXLoadComplete asynchronous is not possible. Therefore, it seems the test should be relaxed to handle the case of various orderings.

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