[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 149556] Improve binding of JSBuiltinConstructor classes

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--- Comment #1 from Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> ---
> It requires bypassing JSDOMGlobalObject wrapper cache, which is another
> efficiency bonus.

My proposal above does not require bypassing the wrapper cache. The singleton wrapper will simply be found in the cache (many times over).

However, of course we can do further optimization to bypass the wrapper cache.

> We may also want to use a single singleton for all builtin classes.

We may not need an object at all if we are changing things like the wrapper class. I think we should create a JavaScript object that doesn’t wrap a DOM object at all. And I’m not even sure it’s all that challenging to do that. I might take a crack at it.

> To go further, we may want to skip generation of some needless code (toJS,
> releaseImpl...).
> Choice may be guided by the added complexity to the binding generator.
> I plan to take some time on this once the JS builtin architecture is ready
> to implement ReadableStream and WritableStream.

You may be misunderstanding.

My specific proposed change above is entirely local and doesn’t add any complexity to the bindings generator.

Your more ambitious project is different; that will require a change to the bindings generator, but even that probably does not require not a huge one!

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