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Check out the following paper for one way to approach the problem: http://w3.impa.br/~diego/projects/GanEtAl14/

There are some nice examples inside showing how most vector graphics rendering engines do the wrong thing w/r/t antialiasing of adjacent un-stroked solid shapes.

Note also that antialiasing in OS X (and in most other contexts, unfortunately) is also incorrectly performed in gamma-encoded RGB space, rather than a linear color space, resulting in changes to apparent line/shape thickness as zoom level changes. Unfortunately that’s probably not fixable at this point, since digital fonts have all been designed assuming the incorrect behavior for the past 20 years, so when it’s handled correctly they end up looking spindly (e.g. look at a rasterized LaTeX file converted to PDF and compare to a vector version of the same as emitted by pdflatex; the raster file when downscaled in OS X Preview.app will have much thinner looking type than the vector version, because the image resizing is done correctly in linear RGB space, whereas the vector antialiasing is not; both will print identically).

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