[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 120112] Typed Arrays have no public facing API

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--- Comment #19 from Geoffrey Garen <ggaren at apple.com> ---
> Referenced.  For example the "keep" argument could be interpreted as:
> keep=true: we call the system free() on the original void* when we decide to
> free the buffer.
> keep=false: we don't free the original void* buffer when we free the array
> buffer, and the only way that the client can be sure that we no longer want
> the backing data is when they destroy the VM.

These options don't seem very good to me in a general purpose API.

We can't assume that our client used malloc. They might have used new, mmap, objc_createInstance, or a custom allocator.

Requiring a valid pointer for the lifetime of the VM is a difficult model to program with. For example, we couldn't use that model in the browser, or in the audio processing context being discussed on webkit-dev.

> Having a free callback would be even better.

This seems more reasonable to me.

It would be nice if we didn't have to reinvent a generic API for "referenced counted data pointer". Perhaps we can write this API in terms of CFMutableDataRef and NSMutableData.

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