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--- Comment #3 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org> ---
Currently we only show the first 100 values in collections. A good next step would be some pagination UI to show more values.

I'm of the opinion that it pretty much never makes sense to expand and see all the values of a 100+ element collections.

The best case I can think of for myself would be doing a querySelectorAll and scanning the list of potentially many elements to visually see if it contains an element that I did not want. Still, pagination could work okay here if there isn't too much seesawing with scrolling.

I think most cases of looking at 100+ element collections you want to look at slices. For example the first 100, the last 100, some middle section around index 240, etc. A block of 100 elements gives you some context without making the console difficult to use when a large list is expanded.

Set / Map have a well defined order of properties, so pagination works well with them. WeakMap / WeakSet do not, so this could be tricky for those collections.

The protocol already has a means of fetching a range of elements in a Collection (Set/Map). It can be added for Array. What is missing here is a UI for it.

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