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--- Comment #1 from Rick Byers <rbyers at chromium.org> ---
Tested on iOS 9, still broken.

It looks like web developers have struggled with this for awhile, and claim it got worse in iOS 8 eg:

Simon, any chance your work on improving viewports/scrolling might help here?  It seems really confusing that an iframe should behave differently from a scrollable div in this regard, and that iOS would be different from desktop Safari.

Dima tells me that the obvious work-around of putting a scrollable div inside the iframe is problematic for him because he doesn't have control of the iframe content/styling.  He can make the iframe body overflow:auto (along with html) and that works, but then is burned by bug 106133 (can't get/set the scroll position because body.scrollTop actually refers to the viewport).  Ultimately he ends up having to use a dummy DIV and getBoundlingClientRect in order to detect the scroll position of the iframe, yuck!

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