[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 148956] [GTK] ASSERTION FAILED: !m_inUpdateBackingStoreState in DrawingAreaImpl::display() after DrawingAreaImpl::forceRepaint()

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--- Comment #2 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
This is because those tests (or at least fast/css-grid-layout/flex-content-sized-columns-resize.html, I haven't looked at the others but I guess it's the same thing), call notifyDone in the onresize event handler. InjectedBundlePage::dump() always calls WKBundlePageForceRepaint() before dumping, but I'm not even sure that's actually needed with current WTR implementation. A layout would be enough, we don't really need to do the actual display. The thing is that when the view is resized DrawingAreaImpl::updateBackingStoreState() is called, if the size has changed, the FrameView::resize() method is called and all children are resized, so the onsresize handlers happen at that point, before the m_inUpdateBackingStoreState is set to false again. For WTR we could probably just return early from froceReapaint() when m_inUpdateBackingStoreState is true, because in that case we know the layout is updated because of the resize and the actual display is not really needed. But the UI process can

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