[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 149043] Noncanonical Devanagari rendered poorly

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Thu Sep 10 18:50:57 PDT 2015


--- Comment #12 from Jonathan Pool <pool at panlex.org> ---
Single Devanagari spacing dependent characters in center-aligned-text table cells are displayed against the left (if their logically prior character would be to their right) or right (if their logically prior character would be to their left) edge of the cell and force the column width to be about 1100 pixels. Code points appearing at the right edge include 0901, 0902, 0903, 093c, 093e, 0940, 0941, 0942, 0943, 0945, 0946, 0947, 0948, 0949, 094a, 094b 094c, 094d, and 0953. A code point appearing at the left edge is 093f.

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