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--- Comment #7 from Dima Voytenko <dvoytenko at google.com> ---
Thanks for all the comments.

I do realize that there's practically a zero probability this will be addressed, but...

I agree that blocking history swipe based on in-application touch is not a good thing. Consistent behavior is broken in that way.

However, I'd argue that history swipe should be reconsidered altogether because it conflicts in a major way with a possible application's functionality affecting UX overall. E.g. one second the user was swiping between photos and the other the user was sent to some other page.

Also, this feature turns into a real mess if the web application modifies history stack itself, e.g. using history.pushState(). You can try a basic sample where test page would pushState and then swipe back - it doesn't look pretty. I can build a basic sample if you'd like to see.

I've found this set of links both from the perspective of developers and users (and there are many many more):


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