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> > How I understand this rule:
> > If an arrow function doesn't have own prototype so it can be initialized by
> > custom js code. And if it possible to init this property so there has to be
> > way to delete it. 
> > Does it make sense? 
> > Possible I need add this to task description or ChangeLog
> Okay. I see. So for normal functions, we're definitely
> not allowed to delete "prototype", but for arrow functions,
> we start with no prototype, but we're allowed to define
> one and delete one?

Yes, that is correct.
I've double checked the es6 spec, and did not find any mention that related to 'prototype' property in arrow function section(14.2), only in "usual" function section(14.1.20 Note 2) http://people.mozilla.org/~jorendorff/es6-draft.html#sec-function-definitions-runtime-semantics-evaluation, so I expect that 'prototype' property of arrow function should behave as ordinary property, in contrast with 'prototype' property of "usual" function that automatically created, can be changed, but can't be deleted.

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