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--- Comment #41 from Michael Dwan <michael.dwan at adcolony.com> ---
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> Imho it's important to get the basic API implemented sooner rather than
> later. It's been 3 years now since I started to fork JSC because of the
> missing Typed Array API. Getting each new version of JSC to compile on
> iOS/tvOS is a terrifying, herculean task, as there are no targets for these
> platforms in the project files. As a result, the JSC fork lags behind
> significantly of what's available on current iOS versions - missing security
> fixes and performance improvements. I'm not even sure if JSC is still
> AppStore compatible with Apple's new Bitcode requirements (I doubt LLINT
> properly compiles to Bitcode?!). We NEED the Typed Array API in JSC to
> continue our project _at all_. </rant>

I feel like this *really* needs to be emphasized. ANY TypedArray API at all is better than none. I understand the importance of doing it right in a project as big as this, but, frankly, having nothing makes the inclusion of these types radically less valuable. Our work also doesn't afford us the "convenience" of compiling a custom build of the JSC for iOS, and, as Dominic explained, even tackling that monster chore is no longer an option with the introduction of Apple's Bitcode requirements. 

Typed Arrays exist to facilitate communication with low-level processes, having no interface for that side of the exchange makes them more novelty than tool.

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