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--- Comment #2 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> WebKitGTK+ might be the last port to be using the non-cross platform context
> menus.
> 03:56:46 PM) andersca: mrobinson: do you know if WebKitGTK uses
> (03:56:47 PM) andersca: mrobinson: I think it might not
> (03:59:05 PM) mrobinson: andersca: I am not sure, but I'll check now.
> (03:59:35 PM) andersca: mrobinson: every other port now uses
> ContextMenu/ContextMenuItem as pure data objects, and then convert them to
> platform objects right before showing the menu
> (04:00:26 PM) mrobinson: andersca: I don't think GTK+ is using them.
> (04:00:57 PM) andersca: mrobinson: should fix that :)

really? grepping I only see win and EFL enabling CROSS_PLATFORM_CONTEXT_MENUS. I'll look at it anyway to switch.

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