[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 142953] DFG JIT code for BitAnd may be redundantly checking that the results is an int32.

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Sun Mar 22 19:32:18 PDT 2015


--- Comment #1 from dougc <dtc-llvm at scieneer.com> ---
Might be seeing the same on the result of an int32 typed array load. For example:

     473:<!2:loc10>    GetByVal(KnownCell:@450, Int32:@470, @521, JS|MustGen|PureInt|UseAsInt, Int32, Int32ArrayOriginalNonArrayInBoundsAsIs, R:TypedArrayProperties,MiscFields, bc#803)  predicting Int32
          0x7f68c8000e45: mov $0x7f690806fe30, %rcx
          0x7f68c8000e4f: cmp $0x400000, %edx
          0x7f68c8000e55: jae 0x7f68c80012cd
          0x7f68c8000e5b: mov (%rax,%rdx,4), %ebx
          0x7f68c8000e5e: mov $0xffffffff, %r11  ; redundant int32 assertion?
          0x7f68c8000e68: cmp %r11, %rbx
          0x7f68c8000e6b: jbe 0x7f68c8000e78
          0x7f68c8000e71: mov $0x32, %r11d
          0x7f68c8000e77: int3

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