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> > > This feature looks okay for me.
> > > How about to use "USE" instead of "ENABLE"?
> > 
> > hmm, I really don't mind to use USE, is there any policy or convention?
> Because I'm outside right now, i cannot find a reference. 
> as far as I understand, ENABLE used for feature, but this patch provides
> Another way for a same purpose. So i thought USE is more appropriate.

In Platform.h

/* USE() - use a particular third-party library or optional OS service */
/* ENABLE() - turn on a specific feature of WebKit */

I would probably use USE if we could decide whether to use it or not depending only on the dependencies or other command line options (for example disable it for wayland or when using the threaded compositor), but since it's an option exposed to the user as a command line option, I followed what other options do. CMake configure options are already confusing enough, having -DNABLE_FOO and -DUSE_FOO options could make it even more confusing. But still, if you guys think USE fit better for this case I don't mind to change it.

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