[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23933] XMLHttpRequest doesn't work while submitting a form (useful for progress tracking)

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--- Comment #20 from Ben <throwaway at indietorrent.org> ---
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> Hi Ben,
> Did you see this?
> (In reply to comment #16)
> > It's not great to discuss workarounds for downloading a file in a bug that
> > was filed about submitting forms and progress tracking (there is a lot of
> > progress tracking for downloads already). I suggest moving this part of
> > discussion to webkit-help mailing list.
> Just curious if you did ever start a thread about the issue you're concerned
> about that is not the same as this bug. Or, perhaps, did you file a new bug
> for that different issue?

Hi, Brady; thanks for the follow-up.

Yes, I saw Alexey's comment, but didn't see it fit to respond.

To be clear, my initial comment was in response to and regarding *this* bug (POST requests preventing XHR requests).

I asked about the same problematic behavior regarding GET requests mostly in an effort to determine whether or not both bugs have the same root-cause. The reception was less than warm, at which time I lost interest in spending more time documenting either problem.

I ended-up using the shoddy iframe workaround for both POST and GET requests, which allows XHR requests to function as they do in every other browser-kit I've tested.

I would really like to eliminate the iframe solution in favor of a "proper" XHR solution, for both verbs. I am not inclined to maintain separate code just to workaround this limitation in Webkit, and so have had to use the "least common denominator" that works in every browser that we support.

But you raise a good point: I should file a separate bug for the GET equivalent. I will update this bug with a link if and when I take the time.

Thanks again.

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