[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 146115] Web Inspector: visualize code hotness using basic block execution counts

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--- Comment #2 from Brian Burg <burg at cs.washington.edu> ---
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> > I'm a much bigger fan of small widgets in gutters (left side) ...
> I’m willing to explore that option.
> I have used Adobe Theseus
> (https://github.com/adobe-research/theseus#theseus) which adds call counters
> for every function. I find it very helpful to see numbers changing in
> realtime.

Yeah, I love Tom's work on Theseus. We gotta take that stuff and ship it!

I am concerned that real numbers won't scale once you get to hot loops. The widely varying input domain also make it difficult to write a generic binning function.

A nice thing about gutters is that it provides a good place to hover for more information, either in a popover or by adding underlines to different subexpressions on the hovered line.

This is the most relevant academic project, which I think has a cool idea and a terrible visual encoding: http://scg.unibe.ch/research/senseo

> I haven’t used any software that adds a heat map overlay on top of code. I
> think it could be useful to give a quick glance of what happened. We already
> gray out unexecuted code and I find it very helpful. Heat maps could be an
> extension to that. 

In the other bug, I believe Oliver was referring to colors in the rows/cells of a profiler. Color seems fine there since a user isn't trying to comprehend what the words mean as much as find the heaviest line.

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