[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 131682] Reproducible crash in JavaScriptCore: JSObjectMakeArray()

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--- Comment #4 from Alexander Mei├čner <AlexanderMeissner at gmx.net> ---
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This is actually more the way C/C++ works that matters than the way JavaScript works.

The difference is that

JSValueRef a = newVectorInstance();
valueArray[0] = a;

orders the compiler to use the stack, while

valueArray[0] = newVectorInstance();

is a temporary value which could be held in registers.
But this is already known to be part of the bug,
using the stack is some kind of work around:

JSValueRef* valueArray = (JSValueRef*)alloca(sizeof(JSValueRef)*4);

I suspect that the problem might be in the Construction/Destruction of JSValue (as that would be stack related)
or a memory access in the heap that goes wrong, caused by a early delete/free of memory.

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