[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 139813] [MSE] Implement per TrackBuffer buffered.

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--- Comment #7 from Bartlomiej Gajda <b.gajda at samsung.com> ---
> This is great. What I'd like to see added, but maybe in another patch, is
> caching of buffered ranges at the MediaSource level. Right now, an expensive
> merge step happens every time someone requests buffered().

I will add caching for MediaSource after this, shouldn't be too hard, but don't want mix stuff too much. (would need to also handle activeSourceBuffers there)

> > Source/WebCore/Modules/mediasource/SourceBuffer.cpp:821
> > +    recalculateBuffered();
> The way we do this in other places, like HTMLMediaElement, is that instead
> of recalculating the cached value immediately when its invalidated, we mark
> it as dirty and only recalculate the value when asked.  This would mean
> replacing all your instances of "recalculateBuffered()" to something like
> "invalidateBuffered()", and call "recalculateBuffered()" from within
> "buffered()" if the value is invalidated.


> This is probably more often than necessary. You could call this (or
> invalidate buffered) from sourceBufferPrivateAppendComplete().

Didn't thought about that, You're right, it would be way better. Will fix.

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