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> A screenshot
> > {a: 1, b: 2}
> < SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'. Parse error.

This is because typing in the console is treated as a complete program. If this is treated as a program it is parsed as an anonymous block with a label.

That is why "{a: 1}" is treated as "1" instead of Object. Because it was a program, with a statement of just "1".

We've debated in the past whether or not we should or even can detect. A simple workaround for developers is to wrap in parenthesis and force it to evaluate as an expression. E.g. "({a:1, b:2})". Note this is used to be a common practice when parsing XHR JSON responses before JSON.parse, people would "obj = eval( '(' + str + ')' )" because of the same issue.

That said, I think we've had enough people be confused by this that we should probably just fix it.

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