[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 141653] Huge blur request causes WebKit to treat blur as a no-op

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--- Comment #2 from Brent Fulgham <bfulgham at webkit.org> ---
In both cases (ToT and safari-600.5-branch), the regions look like the following:

filterBoxRect: (512, 512) of size 3200x3200.
dirtyRect: (0, 0) of size 51200x38400

We move the dirtyRect around a bit based on the blurring dimensions (which are quite big) leaving us with:
rectForRepaint: (-1024868352, -1024868352) of size 2049787904x2049775104

So far, both branches look the same. But in ToT we do our layout math using subpixel logic. And this makes a big difference.

We check the intersection of the ‘rectForRepaint’ and the filterBoxRect. If there is no intersection, we do nothing.

void LayoutRect::intersect(const LayoutRect& other)
    LayoutPoint newLocation(std::max(x(), other.x()), std::max(y(), other.y()));
    LayoutPoint newMaxPoint(std::min(maxX(), other.maxX()), std::min(maxY(), other.maxY()));

    // Return a clean empty rectangle for non-intersecting cases.
    if (newLocation.x() >= newMaxPoint.x() || newLocation.y() >= newMaxPoint.y()) {
        newLocation = LayoutPoint(0, 0);
        newMaxPoint = LayoutPoint(0, 0);

    m_location = newLocation;
    m_size = newMaxPoint - newLocation;

The above code is the same for both branches, but the LayoutPoint class is different. This gives us the following resulting points:

newLocation    (2147483647, 2147483647)
newMaxPoint    (3776, 3712)

Since the location is way past the max point, we throw out everything and move on.

newLocation    (512, 512)
newMaxPoint    (3712, 3712)

Uh, oh! Now we have work to do.

These values differ because in safari-600.5-branch, the x() return value is a signed integer value for the purpose of comparison. In ToT, it is unsigned so we get these huge values (in this crazy case) that result in no intersection.

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