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--- Comment #2 from Ralph T <ralpht+bugs at gmail.com> ---
In SVGTextLayoutEngine.cpp:557:

bool ok = false;
FloatPoint point = m_textPath.pointAtLength(textPathOffset, ok);

x = point.x();
y = point.y();
angle = m_textPath.normalAngleAtLength(textPathOffset, ok);

m_textPath is a Path, where the core of pointAtLength and normalAngleAtLength vary form platform to platform, but I think they all play the whole path back from the start.

Two possible improvements:
 - merge pointAtLength and normalAngleAtLength so the path only has to be walked once.
 - fix path iteration to continue from the last queried point instead of the start if the current query is ahead of the previous query (the SVG code walks the path sequentially because it's using glyph offsets, so this is a huge improvement).

The code currently is a bottleneck for animating the offset of text on a path.

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