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--- Comment #2 from Rick Byers <rbyers at chromium.org> ---
> If I understand correctly, Event.cancelable would be true if and only if Event.preventDefault() can cancel the native actions. If the actions have started OR if preventDefault() was called on a previous event, then it is false.

In chromium we set it true if and only if preventDefault will cancel the native action for _that_ event (i.e. whether we're waiting to hear the disposition before scrolling) - previous events have nothing to do with it.  But that makes sense for us because we support (re)starting scrolling by not calling preventDefault on a touchmove after a sequence of touchmove's where preventDefault was called.  So each event is really independent for us.

In Safari if scrolling has already been prevented, then I think it makes the most sense to still have cancelable=true.  Just because there are no native actions for an event doesn't mean you can't still 'cancel' the event.  I expect developers to use 'cancelable=false' as a signal that something else is consuming the touch stream and they shouldn't be also moving something around (or the user will see "double handling").  Does that sound reasonable to you?

> If that's right that would be likely a one line change, I can do that.

Awesome, thanks!  I hope this is just as simple.

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