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--- Comment #2 from Brent Fulgham <bfulgham at webkit.org> ---
Microsoft: "“Thank you for reporting this issue. This is indeed a bug in the instruction set availability detection in the math library of the Visual C++ 2013 C Runtime (CRT). The bug occurs when [1] the CPU supports FMA3 and [2] either the operating system does not support AVX or support for AVX is disabled in the operating system."

Note that in addition to the hardware restraints I mentioned initially, users can actually create this issue by disabling the AVX instruction sets (even if the CPU does support them):

Disable AVX: bcdedit /set xsavedisable 1

You can re-enable it by:
    bcdedit /set xsavedisable 0


    bcdedit /deletevalue xsavedisable

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