[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 141380] WebCore Plugin Widget getOwnPropertySlot is not effect free

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> stack trace
> Plugin Widget will cause a Document::updateLayout call from an overridden
> getOwnPropertySlot.
> If you look at the various renderWidgetLoadingPlugin() calls, they will
> update the layout of the document
> while JavaScript code is already running. An overridden getOwnPropertySlot
> will cause a call to renderWidgetLoadingPlugin()
> which causes a updateLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets() call which then causes
> more JavaScript code to run.
> This should not be allowed because it causes getOwnPropertySlot to not be
> effect-free.
> Steps to reproducing:
> 1. Open http://gyazo.com/2bd3371d850484fe739b75b2ce8528b2
> 2. Open the inspector
> 3. Click on any JavaScript file
> 4. Make sure the type profiler is enabled by clicking the "T" button in the
> upper right.
> 5. Click the "Inspect" button
> 6. Navigate back to the gyazo page.
> 7. Reload the page while quickly moving your mouse over the different
> elements on the page causing the inspector overlay to update.
> This may have to be repeated several times, but it will eventually crash. 

To make this more clear, just step 7 needs to be repeated multiple times to reproduce. After refreshing enough times while hovering the mouse around in "inspect" mode, the crash should reproduce.

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