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--- Comment #1 from Park HyukWoo <clover2123 at gmail.com> ---

I made a mistake for debugging WebProcess.
I wrote the debugging tips for others.

when you want to debug Web Process,
you should use gdb in remote terminal and attach to 'WebKitWebProcess' process.
because Web Process is executed in WebKitWebProcess not in MiniBrowser process.

So, just connect to WebKitWebProcess in gdb by following command

$ gdb -p <pid of WebKitWebProcess>

However that doesn't work in all cases, because the web process might already have crashed when you are trying to connect to it.

You can use the WEB_PROCESS_CMD_PREFIX environment variable for that purpose. If that variable is defined the web process will be run using its value as a prefix.


WEB_PROCESS_CMD_PREFIX='/usr/bin/gdbserver localhost:8080' WebKitBuild/Debug/bin/MiniBrowser

and in a different terminal:

$ libtool --mode=execute gdb WebKitBuild/Debug/bin/WebKitWebProcess
(gdb) target remote localhost:8080

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