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--- Comment #5 from Bogdan Brinza <bogdan.brinza at gmail.com> ---
Looks like a dupe, indeed. I have to add that in 70911 two problems are combined: 1) hidden element with accessKey is invoked 2) if several elements have same accessKey (afaikt) only the last one in document order would be invoked

So my report is specifically about 1), while is interesting problem by itself.

Here is behavior on Windows browsers:
- Edge cycles through elements with the same accessKey (Alt is forward, Alt+Shift is backwards) and invokes each one
- Firefox cycles focus-only through elements with the same accessKey and user would need to invoke element manually
On Mac Safari and Chrome always invoke last specified in document order.

We have discussed the behavior internally and would consider matching Edge to Firefox in the future as it makes more sense to cycle focus only.

P.S. I'm used to not providing this information in Chromium database - but just in case, full disclosure - I'm Program Management Lead of a Microsoft Edge Layout, CSS, SVG, Controls and Accessibility team. My team has been filing (mostly Chromium) issues in an effort to improve browser interoperability.

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