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> Disabling double tap to scroll has nothing to do with WebKit. There is nothing actionable in WebKit, the right bug tracker to request the removal of double tap to scroll is bugreport.apple.com.

Benjamin, do you mean this is an iOS feature?  I can't find any other iOS apps that seem to implement it.  Or perhaps you just mean that it's a Safari feature that's not implemented in WebKit?

I continue to see sites that are broken / behave badly on all browsers only because they're using some sort of fastclick library which solves a problem that only exists on Safari.  Given how this is a big pain point for web developers, I'd argue it's at least indirectly a WebKit issue that should ideally be discussed with web developers in an open bug tracker somewhere.

Here's one idea: why isn't double-tap to scroll implemented as a default action of the second tap?  Presumably if double-tap zoom is disabled and a user double-taps on a button or link they almost certainly intend to activate it, not scroll.  I agree double tap to scroll is a nice feature - I could see adding it to Chrome if it didn't have such a catastrophic performance implication.  Sure there is the risk of UX confusion, but that's unavoidable without eliminating the double-tap gesture entirely (since developers largely use work-arounds to disable double-tap already).

Some usage data from Chrome which may be helpful in having a data-oriented debate here: 
 - only 0.6% of taps lead to a double tap
   - rises to 3.5% considering only sites where double tap is enabled
 - 75% (and increasing) of pages loaded on Android have a mobile viewport
 - 84% of taps (and increasing) occur on pages with a mobile viewport

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