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Regardless of how this is achieved, this is something that creates a gep between mobile  apps and cocoa apps. If one is writing a website with mobile layout, it does not matter how the click actually works, this becomes a minor improvement to the browser itself.

In the other hand, if you are writing an app, let's say a messenger client, a webmail client, a report panel for analytics and many, many other rich UI that you aim to have cocoa like interactions, such as Twitter does on mobile web, you would like this removed. Many libraries, including the ones linked in the links already listed, try to solve this issue.

I work at Yahoo, and countless developer hours, bugs and many sort of issues comes of a Javascript implementation trying to remove this delay. For Safari, it's probably easier to achieve that. Even if they implement as a new meta tag value, or if they remove this only when zoom is not available, or any solution, this is still something that would help a lot.

Besides, the solution Mobile Chrome took, of not zooming when content="width=device-width" is probably good enough for Safari too. This 300ms delay was introduced since the days the web where not even aware of mobile, it helped in the transition, and now we understand that it's not necessary anymore.

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