[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 136415] AX: CSS table display styles can cause malformed, inaccessible AXTables to be exposed to the AX tree

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> Source/WebCore/accessibility/AccessibilityARIAGrid.cpp:97
> +        // CSS display style can change the table hierarchy and cause the table to be malformed.

how does CSS display change the table hierarchy? it's a strange thing because the DOM looks ok

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/AccessibilityARIAGrid.cpp:103
> +                    if (is<AccessibilityTableRow>(*cellChild)) {

should this be more generic? why just table rows? what if we had a group -> group > row

would we catch that? is there something specific about this CSS variation that always creates this specific render tree hierarchy?

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/mac/WebAccessibilityObjectWrapperMac.mm:-1921
> -        { GridRole, NSAccessibilityGridRole },

what was the bug that this changed with? it seems correct to keep it as TableRole, but wondering how it broke

> LayoutTests/accessibility/mac/malformed-table.html:49
> +        shouldBe("columnCount", "2");

we need to check cellForColumnAndRow
we need get the elements out of the table through it's rows method, it's cells method and children method and verify that the role is correct for each child in those cases

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