[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 144447] [GTK] REGRESSION(183368): It made editing tests assert

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--- Comment #7 from Joanmarie Diggs (irc: joanie) <jdiggs at igalia.com> ---
Doug save me some grepping and googling please. :)

1. Does your platform have any type of text attributes changed notification. Mine does. If yours does too, I'll make a cross platform test.

2. There's a "drag" edit action. I don't see that being handled. Did I miss that? And I don't yet have any thoughts for doing so.

3. Not sure about CreateLink and Unlink. That would presumably result in text attribute changes so maybe it could go there. But that wouldn't indicate the link insertion? Thoughts about that one?

Lastly, once I get the crashes stopped, we can move the other things into new bugs. Item 1 looks like it needs to be part of the crash fix. Don't yet know about the other 2.

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