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unhide the window between tests

> - which test leaves the window hidden (couldn't find it yet);

Still couldn't catch anything like this in action. If this patch doesn't help, my next theory is that the window is actually visible, but a CoreIPC issue akin to bug 141122 confuses WebProcess into getting out of sync. That would be pretty much impossible to verify without a locally reproducible case.

- how we get away with TestController::setHidden(false) calling -makeKeyAndOrderFront - why doesn't that steal focus?

A mystery. I patched WKTR to not move the window offscreen, and ran a test that hides/shows the window in a loop. The window does appear and disappear, but it always stays below the currently active window, not stealing focus and not obscuring it.

- how DumpRenderTree works (it doesn't seem to ever hide or unhide windows, maybe it doesn't test page visibility properly?)

DumpRenderTree calls directly into WebKit to fool it about the current visibility state.

[webView _setVisibilityState:WebPageVisibilityStateHidden isInitialState:NO];

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