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--- Comment #10 from Simon Scheurer <scheurer at qumram.ch> ---
There are many requests regarding this feature and the answer is often:
a) What is the use case and 
b) Why don't you change the page styles before printing

For us the use case is to provide proof in case of litigation (for the end user but as well for corporates). We have a solution to record web publication and also interactions and from given interaction points create PDFs because they are easier to transport and retain.

It is essential there that the page can be captured the way the user has seen it and not in some print view that is different.

We cannot change the page styles, because the solution can be applied to any web-page. We cannot just ask all the customers to change all their pages.

it would be enough to even have some global configuration flag to trigger a given behavior (that by default is obviously the way it is today). But it is really a pity, that there is simply not other option currently than to use a patched version of WebKit (we just adjust
void FrameView::adjustMediaTypeForPrinting(bool printing)
    if (printing) {
        if (m_mediaTypeWhenNotPrinting.isNull())
            m_mediaTypeWhenNotPrinting = mediaType();
    } else {
        if (!m_mediaTypeWhenNotPrinting.isNull())
        m_mediaTypeWhenNotPrinting = String();
in https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/blob/master/src/qt/qtwebkit/Source/WebCore/page/FrameView.cpp). We would like to have the option to just work with an unpatched version.

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