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--- Comment #10 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org> ---
> The file itself in the file system can be normalized or not, in the particular case of a filename containing a 'ñ', it can be encoded as U+006E U+0303, or U+00F1, but they end up being different files, because the bytes are different, even if the visual representation is the same.

Yes, I understand that this is what you are saying. This is a bug in server's file system - everything that supports Unicode must treat different normalization forms as equivalent, so a filesystem may not have two files whose names only differ in normalization form.

> The very same files worked in chrome and firefox.

Yes, they work for you in a test case, but they won't work in other scenarios, most notably those that involve user input on a Mac. This is as I said, the behavior in WebKit is intentionally different to have a more common Unicode form on the wire. Windows browsers have the luxury of letting the bytes through unchanged because their OS and Internet both use the same form, but for Safari, it is not as straightforward.

> Form data decoding hasn't changed, except for filenames, so what the user types in a search form is still normalized.

The changes in encodeRelativeString() are quite confusing, I'm not sure if that's correct. There is some "otherDecoded" string that is counter-intuitively a result of calling encode(), and that's separate from where the path is handled.

Another change in this patch is that filenames in form data are not encoded. This means that a file uploaded from Mac will retain the custom HFS normalization form that is not used anywhere else - how if that the right thing to do?

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